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High-Temp Cordless Glue Gun Black

High-Temp Cordless Glue Gun Black


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High-Temp Cordless Glue Gun Black. This high-temp cordless glue gun makes crafting in any workspace easy. Instead of bringing your project to the glue gun bring the glue gun to the project! Bonds wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, fabric and other porous and non-porous materials. The gun features an insulated nozzle, a fold-down stand, an on/off switch and light, and a safety fuse that will turn the gun off if it overheats. The recharging docking station includes a drip pad to contain any messes. The gun measures 7x6-3/4 inches and uses standard size glue sticks (.43 inch), the base is 10-1/2x2-3/4 inches. Imported. Surebonder CL-800
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