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Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly Jar 12oz 12pk

Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly Jar 12oz 12pk


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Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly Jar 12oz 12pk. No matter what your needs, you can't go wrong with Ball jars! Of course they are great in the kitchen for canning and storing foods, but they're also great in all kinds of other situations. Organize buttons, beads, embellishments, and ribbons in the craft room. Store screws, nails, washers, and other small items in the garage. Create unique displays for bath salts, cotton balls, and bandages in the bathroom. You can even use them as a fun gift giving package--simply fill with treats and place a cute bow on top! This package contains twelve Ball jars. Each jar holds 12 ounces, has a regular sized mouth, and comes with a 2-piece metal lid. They are made of crystal clear glass and have a quilted design embossed on the outside. Made in USA. Ball 140081400
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