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Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kit

Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kit


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Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kit. Mehndi Henna is an exotic non-permanent body art from the Far East, and now you can do this ancient art at home! This package contains 0.14oz/4g of henna powder with bottle and applicator tip, 0.07oz/2g of sugar/citric acid, 4mL/4g of mordant liquid, 1mL/1g of eucalyptus oil, a straight pin, q-tips, toothpicks, mixing stick, and cotton balls, and instruction/idea booklet. Mehndi Henna art disappears from the skin within 7-12 days. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Made in USA. Jacquard Products JAC9500
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